Ron Pope & The Nighthawks – Southern Cross Review

From the ever demanding country rooted scene of Nashville,
TN comes Ron Pope, who at the beginning of his musical journey, was at a
crossroads at to where he wanted to take passion. Ron has since then introduced
us to musically minded project ‘Ron Pope & The Nighthawks’.

Coming off five studio albums, Ron Pope is back with the
interestingly titled 11 track CD, Southern Cross. Recorded in Nashville, Pope’s
comfort zone, Southern Cross is a touch of that southern style and backwoods
bayou elements that makes it his most noteworthy work yet.

Ain’t No Angel –
This song is most stand out to me as we seen an influx of songs that are fit
for outlaws and the less than heroic scenes in film and TV. This songs simple
structure from the instruments to lyrical harmonies fits that perception of
made for TV sound.

Most would think this a negative aspect or a cheap ploy to
simply gain more listeners, However any music enthusiast should be drawn to
this dong that is drenched in old school rock and country-roots where it’s
comfortable across the both genres.

Hell or High Water
– The more country driven and big band subtle entries make this song an all-around
good romp of southern rock n roll as Ron allows the instruments to cut loose
and cause a toe-tapping effect that will move live audiences as much as the
person hearing it on the radio.

One Shot Of Whiskey – When it comes to songs of the down on
your luck theme, One Shot Of Whiskey can be easily brought into a pub setting,
causing anyone to learn the words instantly and drown their sorrows in the comradery
of others singing as well.

Songs like this prove the art of songwriting can transcend
just a person with a smartphone and an internet connection. Music like this is
the driving force to timeless entries of human culture and overall set the
standard of what a song should be.

While the use of drugs and drinking is heavily prevalent,
the theme is overall one of getting through a bad day or year or lifetime of
mishaps, mistakes, and many can’t win for losing scenarios.

Ron Pope & The Nighthawks tackle their whole album with
that southern flare of the old days of simply writing about bad times and high
times. Both elements of the ups and downs are wrapped in a southern-rock and
country rooted vibe that is simply irresistible to the ears.

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Written by James West 11-28-2015