Parabelle Releases Video for Incredibly Emotional New Track, “California”


Rock band Parabelle, led by ex-Evans Blue frontman Kevin Matisyn, has released an emotionally-charged new song called “California,” off of the Bonus DVD content from their upcoming live release. The song holds a very special meaning to Matisyn, who posted the following statement, in explanation of why they are releasing it:

Ok, so I half lied, cuz I said the next post would be a new song off the album and this still sort of is but it has much different circumstances. The new electric song is still getting mixed, the video for it is pretty much done so it’ll be up ASAP.

This song however is off the bonus DVD content and the reason I’m posting it is because the person I wrote this for passed away last week. The thing about this song is that we were doing this bonus content where we were writing songs in different cities and then recording them there, we did 5. I found out that my friend was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer as we were driving from Portland to San Francisco. Aaron and I had actually just switched spots and he was gonna drive so I could write lyrics. She messaged me right around that time with this terrible, earth shaking news.

The emotions that you feel with news like that are intense and here I was hundreds of miles away and I just started writing. It’s not how I usually do things, usually I write very deliberately but this was just immediate and when I read/hear it I can hear that cuz it’s so much feeling in what I wrote, anger, confusion, sadness. It’s all over and I think if anyone has experienced this kind of thing, you can relate. She was an amazing person and she will be missed. I’m not gonna make this for sale or anything. If you want to do anything you could donate to cancer research or something along those lines if you feel moved to do so.

I want to thank Mike Hough and Mike Langford for getting this song finished so she was able to hear it. I have had this song ready to go for quite a while now and I’ve struggled with posting it. I just don’t feel that any song is good enough for this kind of thing so I’ve went back and forth about posting it before the album came out because I know people can be pretty harsh with judgement and I didn’t want that kind of thing happening on something that meant so much but it feels like it should be out there now.”

You can check out the video for that track here