Album Review: Corrington Wheeler – Seeking Light

Corrington Wheeler “Seeking Light”
Written by: Hiedee Ann Lee

Corrington Wheeler is a Post-Hardcore solo-artist from Houston, Texas with a supporting band. His
music draws influence from Philosophy, Western Esotericism, and Masonry. CW has played with national acts such as Alien Ant Farm, Lacey Sturm of Flyleaf, Bobaflex, Seasons After, Chris Taylor Brown of Trapt, Flaw, and more.

The new “Seeking Light” album was released on March 15th, 2017 and features artists from Jamie’s Elsewhere, Dayseeker, The Color Morale, Sycamour, Viridian, Darkness Divided, Tada Maico, & Asmara.
Each song, like a photograph, is only the split second of a meaningful story, therefore Corrington offers
deeper philosophical insight behind each song on the official website.

As I listen to this “Seeking Light” I am able to hear many of Wheelers musical influences that he speaks
of and it reminds me of many that he has not mentioned. One of the most prevalent bands I think of
when listening is Fall Out Boy. It takes me back to my high school days of when they first hit the music
scene and few people had heard of them. Just as their first CD hit many different genres of music,
Wheelers does as well.

I was a little mixed up with the arrangement of the tracks going from fast and hard to slow and soft only
to be thrown back into hardcore metal again. Despite the arrangement, as Wheeler had stated with
each song being, “like a photograph, Is only a split second of a meaningful story”, you can hear the influx
in his voice and how each one of these has affected his life and that they hold a meaning that is close to
his heart.

Each track on the CD speaks of the “sins” of man. How we seek out lust and poison, money and greed, anger and hate and how when we are focused on the worldly things we will be tied to them but if we look forward and to what matters we can soar and reach new heights. In a time when so much music is views as being negative, Wheeler has managed to put a positive spin to his music and have a great sound to it that is catchy. This is actually a CD I would and have let my kids listen to and not have to worry about them being exposed to massive amounts of rage and cursing. I think our favorite track on this disk is, “ Your Erroneous Evil” (ft. Rory Rodriguez of Dayseeker). It can be found here:

While speaking with Wheeler he had told me about a new section they had started on to help encourage volunteering in different areas ranging from working at various food banks, Search Homeless Shelter, Shriners Hospital, Music Therapy Alliance, Friends for Life Adoption and Rescue along with other and he hopes to start what will essentially be a “Street Team” to help get Wheelers name out there and to bring his sound to people that might not have heard of him yet. With any band, this is important and Wheeler seems to have a clear vision of where he wants his career to go and how he wants to get there along with being a humanitarian and giving back to the community. The plan has been put into place and now it is time that we all ban together and, “Seek the Light” together.

Overall I feel that Wheeler is a on the right track vocally as an artist but still has room to grow and I will be excited to see him come into his own and his full potential as an artist and performer.