Concert Review: River City Rockfest (by Shelby Skaarer)

It’s been a month since the annual Texas music festival, River City Rockfest. Nearly 30,000 attendees survived the blazing heat for Memorial Weekend to all come together to do one thing; rock out. How insane is that? Now that’s what I call true dedication to music. River City Rockfest will forever be one of the best Texas music festivals of all times, and I think a lot of others will be able to agree to that. It brings a range of genres from old classic rock to new rock, being able to bring all ages to enjoy one thing everyone shares; the love of music.


There were numerous top hitters that performed on one of the few stages. It was an incredible experience to finally see some of these artists live. And a wonderful opportunity to be in the photo pit for Taking Back Sunday, Three Days Grace, Wage War, and a few others.


It’s always something when a band takes the time to learn another language to connect with their fans, such as Papa Roach, singing their song “Scars” in spanish. Or the crowd getting wild and hyped for Nothing More, who are actually locals from San Antonio themselves. Even though it was hot and humid, each and every performer had so much energy up on the stage, making it all worthwhile. Performers like Godsmack, The Offspring, and Def Leppard were only just the cherry on top.


If you have a hype for a circus type theme, then you had to see the fascinating entertainment of Hellzapoppin; where you could see multiple acts, magic and illusions, knife juggling or sword swallowing. Top performers such as Short E Dangerously, a half-man who is only 3 foot tall, but has the strength of 10 men, and can do more than you think. Then there’s Dan Sperry, someone who is known for his amazing illusions. Something that you wouldn’t believe without seeing for yourself.


I’ve had the pleasure of attending this music festival almost every year since 2013, and it just seems to get bigger and better. Like the saying “Everything’s bigger in Texas” is one accurate representation of this state. I just want to thank everyone from the higher ups of the festival all the way to the vendors and volunteers. Without every single one, this festival would not have been able to happen. They are one of the reasons this event takes place every year, and their hard work year long. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2018!

Matt Walst (Vocalist, Three Days Grace)

Seth Blake (Guitarist, Wage War)

Jacoby Shaddix (Vocalist, Papa Roach)